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Supfilm was originally formed in Adelaide Australia. HK based now. Supfilm is formed by a group of media creators who aims to deliver cost-effective, engaging, creative, meaningful, memorable and influential media for our clients in stimulating their sales of products or services.

Our service cover a wide range of use:

  • Brand video

  • Music video

  • Promotional video

  • presentation video

  • Marketing video

  • IPO / conference videos

  • Corporate Videos

  • Product videos

  • Event coverage

  • Internal Communications

From pre-production, shooting, to post-production, our core team brings together technology and creativity to ensure the highest visual and audio quality are maintained throughout the production process. 

"Put your story in motion, bridging key messages into

videos that reflect the brands core identity."

On Artistic side, we have high observation in beauty and lifestyle. We also produce wedding film and lifestyle production in order to create visual enjoyment and memories of beauty.

"Poetry, Beauty, Romance, Love. 

These are why we stay alive."


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