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A day with Tomek Celarek

A day with Tomek Celarak

With a sense of freedom, Tomek has brought his lifestyle into harmony. #Livefolk

Tomek Celarak is a wedding photographer based in Adelaide, South Australia. He mentioned that he does not have a fancy piece of paper stipulating that he is a photographer, but he has a fancy piece of paper that states he has finished a 5 year degree in architecture. He got into photography during his studies in architecture.

"There were many things I found in photographic concepts of composition, light and form, that paralleled architecture."

Tomek felt a greater sense of freedom in photography, capturing moments in time, snippets that would be archived forever through one frame. Over time, his passion for photography was beginning to significantly outweigh that of architecture.

"Often we do not have control over our destiny, we simply follow the path before us. I chose architecture and through a series of events, photography chose me."

"My father was a naval architect by trade but only briefly worked as such. My mother was a journalist but also, only briefly worked in said field. The common denominator was 'story telling'. My mother had the skill through words and for as long as I remember my dad was photographing anything and everything, so I guess it was only a matter of time until I wanted to tell my own stories."

Produced by: SUPFILM

Filmed and Directed by: Peterson Law

Edited by: Samuel Siu

Music: Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Pretty thoughts

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Tomek Photography:

#Lifestyle #Wedding #Adelaide #Australia #Weddingphotograhy

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