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Bike The Moment - Okinawa

From sailing to cycling across the deep blue sea...

Summer is a time to chill around the cruise deck, hang around at the poolside, but we decided to ride the long days into night. Okinawa had given us an analog life in this digital era throughout the journey.

Discovering the beauty of the island and people on the bike is such an unforgettable experience.

'What is called our experience is almost entirely determined by our habits of attention.' (William James)

In one of the most exotic and unpolluted places in Japan. Fresh air of the summer breeze, taste of the sea salt, and sound of the seagull had appealed all our sense to join with the nature and pulled out all the stress from our souls.

Thanks Bike The Moment for inviting Supfilm to come along the trip sponsored by Star Cruise. And also nice to meet Mosorsisi and Lo Won Tak!

and here's is a sight tour of the trip's feature...


Music: Soak - Sea Creatures

Location: Okinawa, Japan


Rest in peace

Bike The Moment:


#Filmmaker #Lifestyle #japan #okinawa

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