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Bracelet 101 Kickstarter Launch

This is our most recent project collaborate with MB Group. Introducing their newest design Bracelet 101 on Kickstarter. Bracelet 101 is designed for Apple watches, simply attach the watch into the silicon made Bracelet. The Bracelet is designed to bend where you can adjust the size and wear it within a second. It has many choice of color for you to mix and match with your clothing.

In this project, we collaborated with different designers and 3D graphic creators, we are glad to take over the filming part of this project. It was easy and fun filming our first ever Kickstarter promotional video. Definitely look forward for another creation chance.

Checkout their Kickstarter project here:

Behind the scene

To understand more:

Production: Brian @ MB

Filming: Supfilm

Editing: Samuel @ Supfilm

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